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I sat down with a group of friends and asked them “what is it you truly need to get the most out of living and owning a home in Niwot?” After a slow start the questions came in like a flood. This website is full of answers to all those countless questions.

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Welcome to Wonderful Niwot

The Niwot website is designed as a blend of real estate and life in Niwot.

We tried to capture the character and community of our small town and the pulse and forecast for our real estate market.

Enjoy the charm of the Old West in a thriving family friendly community of great schools, a vibrant collection of shops and restaurants and a highly sought after real estate market.

Start by exploring all the best things to do in town, like the best dining and our favorite events. 

Then dig deeper and discover all the tools and resources you need to get the most out of living and owning a home in Niwot. 

If you haven’t done so yet, join the Niwot Homeowner Portal. 

It’s free and we’ll let you in on a local secret –  It’s where we hide all the really good stuff. 

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Niwot is a safe, friendly community with all the charm and advantages of a small town. 

Enjoy a calendar full of parades, celebrations and live events. 

You’ll love the easy access to our extensive park and trail system and the ability to pop down the road to everything you need in the big city.

Home Values

It’s still a seller’s market with strong appreciation of 2.7% in 2020 (Zillow) and low home inventory levels. 

The median home value in Niwot is $791,000. 

Zillow predicts a 1.7% rise in home values in 2021.

Be careful when you read about Niwot home values as the luxury market remains steady and we often get lumped in with Longmont.

Heads Up

Things are changing fast in Niwot.

The current housing boom has pushed starter condos past $200,000 and single family  homes into the $500,000 range. Rental rates have jumped to $1,200 for a one bed apartment. 

Many of the old-timers have cashed in and moved out and it’s changing the character of the Niwot 

Things You Will Love About Niwot

Niwot Children’s Park

Sometimes it takes a village to raise a children’s park. That’s exactly what happened with the 2016 opening of the Niwot Children’s Park. Led by

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