Niwot Exclusives

Sell Your Home Before You List It On The MLS

Save All The Hassle Of Listing Your Home


Wait List Of Buyers

Our members include ready, willing and qualified buyers looking for homes in Niwot. In our current low inventory market we have a waiting list of buyers looking for homes.


Hassle Free

It’s so much easier and considerably less hassle to pre-list and sell off market. Speak with us before you list with an agent.



Pre-Listing your home as a private exclusive allows you to retain your privacy and control what information people see about your home and who can view your home.

What To Expect

A private exclusive listing allows us to share your home with our waiting list of qualified buyers. Access to your listing is limited to registered members who know that we have off-market and pre-market homes. Our buyers trust us with their exact home buying needs and budget. If we don’t have the right prequalified buyer for you, then it’s time to list it on the MLS. 

Private Exclusives

Here are some of the most common questions we get about the Private Exclusive program. The program is not for everyone but it may be perfect for you.

The program works just like a regular listing agreement where you will pay commission upon the successful sale of your home. The difference is that by selling your home quickly to our wait list of buyers we’re usually able to reduce commission by saving on marketing costs and by eliminating the need to pay a buyer agent. You should budget an amount around 3% commission instead of the usual 6%. 

We’ve found that most home sellers don’t want the hassle of listing and holding open houses. No-one really wants strangers walking through their home and having to keep their home in permanent “showroom” condition. That’s why our wait list of qualified buyers is so attractive to prospective sellers. If we don’t have the right buyer then there will be plenty of time to open your listing to the public and make it available on the MLS. If privacy and convince are important to you, then your should consider an exclusive pre-list program. 

Yes. This is a question we get from Realtors who mistakenly believe that all listings should be on the MLS. Private exclusives are allowed if your property is only listed on our website and is not visible to the public. 

Pre-List Your Home

Ask the concierge any question about pre-listing your home and accessing our buyer list.