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About the St. Vrain Valley School District

Niwot is part of the St. Vrain Valley School District. The SVVSD is headquartered in Longmont and is the 8th largest school district in Colorado. The southern border of the school district runs along Look Out Road in Gunbarrel. If you live on the north side of Look Out Road you’re in the SVVSD. The southern side of the road is the Boulder Valley School District.

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How The School District Impacts The Real Estate Market

Even if you don’t have children in school, you still need to be aware of the reputation and rating of the local school district and how it impacts home values.

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There are a number of pre-school options in and around Niwot. Most pre-schools are private and not under the jurisdiction of the school district.

Elementary Schools

Elementary School

Niwot has one public, one charter and three private elementary schools.

Niwot Elementary

Middle Schools

Sunset Middle

Middle School

The public middle school for Niwot is Sunset Middle School in Longmont. Sunset Middle is serviced by the school bus. Another popular public alternative is Altona Middle School (no bus service). There are a number of private and charter middle school options.

High Schools

High School

There is one public high school located within Niwot and a number of nearby private and charter high schools. 

 Niwot High School is the official feeder school for Niwot. There is no bus service (if you live in Niwot) and a limited bus service from surrounding areas.

Niwot High

School Life

School Stories

Niwot Schools

Niwot High School | School Profile | 2019 |  To help you get a feel for Niwot High School, here’s a profile (as it appears

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Niwot Schools

Nancy Pitz is the Principal at Niwot Elementary School. To help you get to know Nancy and Niwot Elementary, here’s the open letter that was

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