Niwot Essential Resources

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Emergency Services

Boulder County SHERIFF

(303) 441-3600

Mountain view Fire Department

(303) 772-0710

Boulder Emergency Services


Emergency Hospitals

Boulder community Foothills

(303) 415-7000

Longmont Longs Peak

(720) 718-7000

Longmont united Hospital

(303) 651-5111

Urgent Services

gas Leak


Xcel Electricity & Gas

sewer leak

(303) 919-4015

Niwot Sanitation

Water Leak

(303) 530-4200

Niwot Left Hand Water District

animal control

(303) 441-3626

Boulder County Animal Control


(303) 895-4999

Boulder Office of Emergency Management


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Essential Services

XCel Energy


Xcel Electricity & Gas


(303) 895-4999

Xcel Energy & Gas

Left Hand Water

(303) 530-4200

Niwot Left Hand Water District


(303) 652-2525

Niwot Sanitation District


(303) 444-20137

Western Disposal



Xfinity High Speed  Internet 

Local Government

Boulder County

(303) 441-3500

Boulder County Commissioner Office

City OF Boulder

(303) 441-3388

City of Boulder Council Office

City Of Longmont

(303) 776-6050

City of Longmont Council Office

County Assessor

(303) 441-3530

Boulder County Assessor Office

County Treasurer

(303) 441-3520

Boulder County Treasurer Office

County Land Use

(303) 441-3930

Boulder County Land Use Office

Local Community Organizations

community Assoc

Niwot Community Association

Business Assoc

Niwot Business Association. 

Historical Assoc

Niwot Historical Society

Niwot Rotary

Niwot Rotary Club

Cultural Arts

(303) 652-2433

Niwot Cultural Arts Association

Left Hand Grange

Left hand Grange No. 9

Local Schools

Niwot Elementary

(303) 652-2828

Niwot Elementary School

Sunset Middle

(303) 776-3963

Sunset Middle School.

Niwot High

(303) 652-2550

Niwot High School

altona middle

(303) 494-3980

Altona Middle School


(303) 665-6679

Dawson K-12 School.

Boulder valley waldorf

(303) 652-0130

Boulder Valley Waldorf School

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