Quiet Cul-De-Sac

Country Creek is a quiet single family home neighborhood in Lower Niwot. There’s easy access to everything, especially Downtown and the Niwot Trail system.

$700K - $1.1M

$ 40 M
Median Value
per SQFT
1 %
Annual Appreciation

The scoop

Country Creek is a quiet 20-home subdivision, built in the mid 1980’s, with easy access to downtown and public trails. The subdivision consists of a single road and cul-de-sac that encompasses a community park and picnic area. The exterior of the subdivision consists of wide open spaces bordered by the Niwot Trail. There’s limited views to the Front Range and Flatirons.

The Lifestyle

Country Creek is a small, friendly neighborhood with a number of long-time residents who have raised their children and stayed for the community and small town convenience. It's a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle where everyone says hello and walks their dogs in the open space that surrounds the neighborhood. Easy walking distance to shops and downtown allows owners to walk to all the parades and events. The quiet cul-de-sac eliminates just about all traffic. Every home has easy outdoor access

The Homes

Contemporary single family homes with basements and quarters a third acre lots. There's a mix of two story, ranch and ranch with loft homes ranging in size from 3,000 to 5,500 SQFT and ranging in value from $700K to $1.1M.

The Market

Country Creek is in the sweet spot of the hot spot for home appreciation in Boulder County. Anything below $750K in Niwot sells quickly and has appreciated significantly in the past 3-years.

Local Notes

Country Creek is managed by the Country Creek HOA and maintains it’s own open space and subdivision entrance. The HOA is managed by residents and is low key and non-intrusive. Country Creek falls within the St.Vrain School District with bus pick up for Niwot Elementary and Sunset Middle School.

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Neighborhood Video

Niwot Neighborhood video by the Niwot Business Association. It’s mainly filmed around Downtown but you get to see some of Lower Niwot.

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123 Downtown Street

from $995,950

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Bill Whitener


Bill is the owner of No Assembly Required LLC and the go-to handyman around Niwot.

If Bill can’t do it, he’ll know someone who can.


Taddiken Tree Care

Taddiken Tree Company loves trees and offers a full suite of tree services. Owner Josh Morin is a local Niwotian who and has been taking care of Niwot’s trees for many years. Keep your eye out for those red Taddiken Tree trucks.



Rob Gordon is the hardest working man in Boulder County. He does everything – gutters, snow removal, odd jobs, dog walking and pet sitting. If you need a guy for an odd job, he’s the guy! 

* Fair Housing Notice:  The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in the sale, lease or rental of housing based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin. Care is taken to ensure that any description of the neighborhood or neighbors is not discriminatory. 

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