Natural Beauty

Sitting in the shadow of Haystack Mountain, Haystack Mountain Ranch is a quiet rural single family home neighborhood in the Niwot Foothills. Backs to the Haystack Golf Course with uninterrupted views of the Foothills and Flatirons.

$740K - $1.25M

$ 40 M
Median Value
per SQFT
1 %
Annual Appreciation

The scoop

Haystack Mountain Ranch is a quiet 10-home subdivision, built in the mid 1970’s, located just off Niwot Road in the Foothills. Named after Haystack Mountain, the subdivision backs onto Haystack Golf Course and enjoys the best of outdoor living. The subdivision is surrounded by wide open spaces. Homes are built on .75 to 1-Acre lots

The Lifestyle

Haystack Mountain Ranch is a small, friendly neighborhood with a number of long-time residents. It's a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle. There is no local shopping but there is easy access to Niwot, Boulder and Longmont. Most homes are located on Niwot Road, which can get a bit busy, especially during weekend bike and triathlon events. Every home has easy outdoor access.

The Homes

Contemporary although dated single family homes with basements and just under one acre lots. There's a mix of two story and ranch with space for exterior buildings. Homes are 3,000 to 6,000 SQFT and ranging in value from $740K to $1.25M.

The Market

It's a quiet market. With only 10 homes it is uncommon to see a home on the market. Traffic on Niwot Road is an occasional concern.

Local Notes

Haystack mountain Ranch was created in the mid-1960's when the Ebel family purchased Haystack Mountain and carved out the golf course. The lots were sold off to pay for the construction of the course. Most homeowners treat the course and wild life corridor as an extension of their back yard. All homes are located within the St.Vrain School District with bus pick up for Niwot Elementary and Sunset Middle School.

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Niwot Neighborhood video by the Niwot Business Association. It’s mainly filmed around Downtown but you get to see some of Lower Niwot.




4 bed 3 bath single family in Haystack Mountain Ranch. Property Summary Address: 5569 NIWOT RD Niwot, CO 80503 UNINCORPORATED HAYSTACK MOUNTAIN RANCH – NIV

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123 Downtown Street

from $995,950

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Bill Whitener


Bill is the owner of No Assembly Required LLC and the go-to handyman around Niwot.

If Bill can’t do it, he’ll know someone who can.


Taddiken Tree Care

Taddiken Tree Company loves trees and offers a full suite of tree services. Owner Josh Morin is a local Niwotian who and has been taking care of Niwot’s trees for many years. Keep your eye out for those red Taddiken Tree trucks.



Rob Gordon is the hardest working man in Boulder County. He does everything – gutters, snow removal, odd jobs, dog walking and pet sitting. If you need a guy for an odd job, he’s the guy! 

* Fair Housing Notice:  The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in the sale, lease or rental of housing based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin. Care is taken to ensure that any description of the neighborhood or neighbors is not discriminatory. 

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