Old Town Niwot Parking Project Back On Track

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The plan to build 50-parking spots adjacent to the railway tracks in Old Town Niwot is back on track.

The special use review was re-referred by the Niwot Business Association (NBA) to Boulder County Planning and Permitting. It calls for the building of an initial 12 parking spots, and a total of 50 parking spots, in the area just west of Murray Street, between the 3rd and 4th Avenue.

If you’re wondering where that is, imagine you’re standing at the the old My Mom’s Pie, it’s just a frisbee pie toss to the proposed parking lot. Well maybe not a My Mom’s pie, they were too heavy and delicious and expensive.

The 2-acre land parcel was originally purchased by the NBA, with the assistance of LID funding, and donated to Boulder County. Boulder Country is a co-sponsor of the project.

A Special Use Review / Site Specific Development Plan is required of uses which may have greater impacts on services, neighborhoods, or environment than those allowed with only Building Permit Review. This process will review compatibility, services, environmental impacts, and proposed site plan.

The NBA and Boulder County want the parking spots to alleviate parking congestion on 2nd Ave. The new parking lot is seen as an overflow solution that will see minimal utilization outside of downtown events.

But not everyone is happy.

Many residents on Murray Street don’t want the traffic, car lights shining through their windows and extra activity in what is currently an open field.

After all, who wants a parking lot that will block your view of the railway track and highway traffic!

Kidding aside, if you want to give public feedback or have any questions regarding this application, please contact the Community Planning & Permitting Department office at 303-441-4597 or via email at mmarcucilli@bouldercounty.org .

The deadline for public comment is May 19,2020.

You can click here to review the Special Use Review

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