"60% of Home Buyers Currently Live Within 25-Miles of Their Next Home"
- National Association of Realtors, 2019

Pre-List and Sell or Rent Your Home to a neighbor

Right now, the person most likely to buy or rent your home, is a neighbor, who currently lives within 25 miles. Doesn’t it make sense to let your neighbors know as early as possible, that you’re thinking about putting your home on the market?

How It Works!

Pre-List Your Home

Step 1 is to pre-list your home on our private peer-to-peer listing platform. 

Right now you have neighbors starting the home search process, investors and cash buyers, who would love to find a pre-market home.

Connect With Buyers and Renters

Review Offers

We’ll actively get your home in front of ready and able buyers and renters who have asked us to find them a pre-market home. 

Play Video

Professional Support Every Step of the Way

The final piece is that we can help you with as much or as little of the closing process as you need. We can do as little as introduce you to buyers or sellers, or we can mange the whole transaction all the way through to the closing table.

How We Make It Work

Our primary business is building safe and secure local community platforms where neighbors share their best advice and recommendations about local resources and living in their community. We already know and work with many of your neighbors and neighboring communities. Homeowners often tell us that they’re thinking of selling their home, long before they hire a Realtor.

Pre-Market Sellers

We work with sellers long before they list their home with a Realtor. They rely on us to find them a buyer without all the hassle of listing.

Neighbors on the Move

We also work with local neighbors getting ready to move within the same area. Often our buyers are sellers downsizing or upgrading their home.

Match Buyers and Sellers

We act as a matchmaker and help everyone get what they want, without all the hassle and inconvenience of the traditional real estate sale process.