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Frequently Asked

We know and understand the Niwot market better than anyone and have a list of prescreened active buyers, cash buyers and investors willing to partner with local homebuyers. They’re all looking for premarket homes not yet listed on the MLS.

Hiring a Realtor is always an option we recommend when selling your home. But before you do that we can help you “prelist” your home to our active buyer pool and avoid all the hassle and stress of putting your house on the open market. If that doesn’t work, then it’s time to hire a Realtor. We’ll gladly introduce you to the best Realtors with the highest recommendations from past clients.

Out pool of active buyers, cash buyers and investors are interested in buying homes before they hit the MLS. Less fees, less commission and direct negotiations. Our role is to act as a matchmaker to connect willing and able buyers and sellers. 

Yes – we can help you with as much or as little of the home selling process, from finding a buyer to getting you to the closing table. We can introduce you to the right professionals, like home contractors, realtors and title companies, who have been recommended by your neighbors.